About us

You. Clever you! Congratulations for taking the first step into the world where clever products live. Just like you, we've been frustrated with stuuupid products and believe there is more to life than that! Plastic straw? Use once and throw away? Nah, use a stainless steel ones a whole lifetime and more. Plastic toothbrushes? Nah, use a bamboo one that will bio-degrade on it's own. Plastic cups? Use a stainless steel tumbler. 

We are passionate about products made of indestructible, recyclable materials and materials made of wood, bamboo, cotton and products that are cleverly designed. We always think of new ways (or would like to think that we think that) to make life simpler, better, cooler, more sustainable, more comfortable and above all - more clever - for you and ourselves too!

Our audience has a higher IQ than average (we've actually tested it) and make smart choices in life. Our research shows that 90% of our audience are one of these : early adopters, geeks, entrepreneurs, start-up peeps, some gurus and occasional ninjas (and we don't know why the last one, honestly). 

We love providing the best possible experience and joy from shopping and living a clever lifestyle. Our doors are always open for your suggestions and comments. Thank you for showing support. Stay clever ;)