Lumio book lamp

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Ever heard about Lumio, the amazing wooden book that opens up in a beautiful LED mobile lamp? 

Yeah, we know, it was on a Kickstarter and raised a bunch of money.  578,387 USD to be exact. Unluckily for them, but luckily for us, no one in the team remembered to put a patent on the design. Duh! Hey, it's not our fault that the lamp is so beautiful!

We think this is the ultimate test of a good product anyway, it's not always about the money. It has 500 lumens, that is good as a bedside lamp. It's supported by 2500 mAh battery that should be good for at least 8 hours and is charged in 5 hours.

It glows in warm yellow light and is made of Tyvek kraft paper that is waterproof. The size is 8.5*6.7*1'' (21.5*17*2.5cm).